What Is a CNA

A certified nursing assistant or the patient care assistant is the person who helps the individuals mainly the patients with the health care services for daily living. They also offer bedside care and basic nursing steps. All these are done under the watchful eye of a licensed practical nurse. A nursing assistant is a very important person in the health care team and his or her ability and some experience should be exhibited before they can be allowed to carry out some activities due to the issues of legality and liability among others.

Attempts to control, regulate and to verify the quality of education have been done in some parts of the world all in a bid to ascertain and rubberstamp that indeed a person has gone through rigorous training and attained the statutory level of workplace experience and qualified academically from a recognized institution or a recognized central body. The central certification gives room for an employer to ascertain experience, skills and knowledge and also help in barring individuals who have been struck off from continuing to carry out their services in health care regulations. In the United States of America, credibility of the health care assistant and other social workers stands to be strengthened by registration which is compulsory.

One needs to have a mastery of the basic knowledge and skills as one of the requirements in becoming a state certified nurse. The basic skills are required since they help in caring for the patients in specialized care facilities and also in home settings among others. Basically, the nursing assistant skills descriptions refer mainly to tending to the elderly patients. In most cases, the nursing assistants are used in hospitals though, they are not restricted here as there are hospitals that have no certified nursing assistants at all.