40 Best Job Sites for CNAs

If you’re seeking a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you’re in luck — with over 40 job sites available to you, you’ll have the world at your fingertips in more ways than one. This list of the best job sites for CNAs starts with nurse-specific sites (including some just for CNAs), medical and health care job sites, larger job sites with sections just for CNAs and even recruiters who will place you with jobs at home or overseas. Some of the following sites also include tools you can use to complete or enhance your resume and tools that will alert you when your dream job comes available.

Nurse-Specific Employment Sites

Nurse Assistants

  1. Get CNA Jobs: You can’t get more specific than this — a site that focuses solely on CNA positions throughout the U.S. You’ll also find other sites such as “Local CNA Jobs” or “Find CNA Jobs” — they all seem to list the same jobs, so find one and stick with it for your convenience.
  2. National Student Nurses Association: The NSNA provides nurse graduates with help in finding jobs and careers. Their career center provides job opportunities by location.
  3. Nurse Aide Jobs: This site contains nurse aide jobs from all over the U.S.
  4. Nurse Connect: Find profiles on facilities and specialties, hospital and clinic jobs and other healthcare positions, as well as salary tools to help you navigate through your career.
  5. Nurse Job Shop: Use the search engine to get more specific about your CNA career choice and location.
  6. Nurse Zone: Use this comprehensive job site created specifically for nurses of all calibers. Let them help you find your next job.
  7. Nurse.com: This link leads to the CNA-specific job offers within this all-nursing site.
  8. Nurse-Recruiter: This job portal provides help with resumes and other resources as well as a job search.
  9. Nursing Assistant Jobs: This site offers resume-writing services as well as a list of all jobs available for nursing assistants by company.
  10. Nursing Jobs: A nurse-specific job site with a link that leads you straight to the CNA positions available now.

Health Care Employment Sites

Army Nurses

  1. Absolutely Health Care: This link takes you to nursing assistant jobs available throughout the U.S.
  2. Health Career Web: This link leads to the CNA positions available now at this health career site.
  3. Health eCareers: Search through the nursing jobs at this site, or be more specific about CNA positions and location through their search engine.
  4. Healthcare Jobs: Apply for critical health care job vacancies and use the contact information to explore healthcare jobs in your area.
  5. Healthcare Jobsite: This community-based portal carries a wealth of job-searching information. Use their search engine to find your CNA dream job.
  6. Hospital Jobs Online: This site comprises one of the Web’s leading resources for health care jobs. Use the search box for job- and location-specific requirements.
  7. MedZilla: Yes, this site carries jobs for CNAs. Plus, you might want to get creative and learn whether or not you qualify for other medical jobs listed by thousands of health care employers.

Larger Employment Sites

Nurse with Mother

  1. CareerBuilder: This link leads to CNA positions as well as other health care jobs located throughout the U.S.
  2. Indeed: This link leads to everything you’d want to know about finding and keeping any one of these CNA job listings.
  3. JobsRadar: Use the search engine to help find CNA jobs throughout the U.S. Be sure to enable the Zip Code option for options outside your current location.
  4. Locate Jobs Network: This link leads to a page where several location-specific links offer CNA positions. For certified nursing assistants seeking a new job or a better employment opportunity, these job boards, which are located in every major metropolitan area in the country, are a great resource.
  5. Monster CNA Search: This large site is easy to use, and this link leads straight to CNA positions available. Use their resources, too, to help refine your resume.
  6. Nursing Crossing: Part of the larger Employment Crossing network, this site contains jobs for nurses only.
  7. Salary.com: View Nursing Assistant job salaries and scan through available positions in the right column.
  8. Simply Hired: This link leads to CNA positions, and you can refine your search by location or by company.
  9. Snagajob: This link takes you to the health care jobs at this site. Find jobs by employer or by location, and look specifically for CNA positions.
  10. Top USA Jobs: This large site currently lists 10,711 CNA positions available. Refine your search through a location-specific search engine.

Recruiters and Overseas Jobs

Traveling Nurse

  1. Canadia Nurse: If you are interested in becoming a nursing assistant in Canada, this is your site. They have a CNA certification that is similar to the U.S. CNA certification.
  2. Excel Staffing Service, Inc.: This recruitment service is very specific about what they need, which can save you time in the long run. The focus is on the southeast.
  3. Health Career: Although not a recruitment site, this portal focuses only on Australian nursing positions. If you want to live “down under,” this site can provide you with some connections.
  4. HealthcareSource: For over a decade, HealthcareSource has been a leader in helping healthcare providers recruit and retain talent. Use this site’s resources to find positions in over 1,500 health care facilities nationwide.
  5. Integrisource: CNA is another of the positions for which IntegriSource provides staffing services and employment opportunities. Search for jobs as well at this site.
  6. J2S Group Healthforce: This company is seeking CNAs and other health care staff to fill their job openings.
  7. NHS Jobs: This site, promoted by the National Health Service, promotes jobs in the UK.
  8. Nursefinders: This AMN Healthcare company, offers a variety of rewarding opportunities for certified nursing assistants. CNAs have access to the nation’s top employers and a wide range of quality Certified Nurse Assistant jobs.
  9. Nursesnet.com: This is a specialist site for nurse employment worldwide and for foreign nurses wanting to work in the USA and Canada.
  10. NursesRX: Another AMN recruitment arm, this site focuses on travel nurse positions, including CNAs.
  11. Signature HealthCARE: This company’s Nurse Recruiters work with all facilities in locating Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants.
  12. Travel Nursing: This is one of the authorities on travel nursing jobs, and they don’t restrict their requirements to any specific nursing position…CNAs are welcome.
  13. Whitsyms Nursing Registry and Nursing Service: Whitsyms seeks full or part-time professionals for work in various Florida counties.
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