33 Useful Android Apps for Doctor Mom

The truth is that moms wear a lot of hats. Indeed, there are few mothers out there who do not know what it’s like to be a nurse, taxi driver, waitress, and financial officer — all without a salary. When something needs to be done, moms are often the first on the scene, ready to help out and take care of problems. This includes some health and medical issues. While all moms might not be able to perform surgery, there are plenty who help their children and other family members when they are sick, nursing them back to health. And, when doctor mom does need to take someone to the hospital, knowing the symptoms can be a big help.

The great thing about technology is that it provides a way for Doctor Mom to be able to check symptoms, look up treatments and generally provide answers for the health of her family. Gadgets like the Android smart phone put a world of information right at the fingertips of any mother. This can help with first aid, general reference, understanding symptoms, and even learning more about different prescriptions and over the counter drugs. A mom may not be an official nurse, but she can certainly do a lot for the health of her family. Here are 33 useful Android apps that can help Doctor Mom do her job better:

Medical and Health Care Reference

Android apps that help moms access medical and health care information can be quite helpful. These apps are general reference apps that can help you learn more about different sickness, treatments and more. A great way to keep up with medical news, as well as help ailing family members.

  1. Medscape: One of the leading Android apps, this provides a great reference that any mom can use. Cost: Free
  2. WebMD: Looking for something that is a little more consumer friendly? Get WebMD Mobile Web for Android and stay up on the latest. Cost: Free
  3. PubMed Mobile: If you are a Doctor Mom interested in the latest medical articles, this app will allow you to search articles in the PubMed database. Cost: Free
  4. First Aid Assist: Get helpful information on procedures related to First Aid. Cost: $1.49
  5. First Aid: If you are looking for another option, this app can help you take the right steps — in the right order. Cost: Free
  6. 999 Medical Anatomy Terms Quiz: Want to learn more jargon? Use this quiz app to boost your knowledge. Cost: $2.49
  7. MedPage Today: Get the latest in medical news and information — right on your Android phone. Cost: Free
  8. Public Health News: Be up on the latest public health information that can affect your family. Cost: Free

Symptoms and Diagnosis

No, a mom can’t “officially” diagnose disease like a doctor can. However, with the help of some Android apps, it is possible to get a good idea of what is going on with a “patient”. You can use the following Android apps to figure out what might be wrong with a child or other family member, track symptoms, and keep track of information that might help the doctor better treat the problem if it is serious enough to take to the clinic or hospital.

  1. Health Guide: Learn more about different conditions and diseases, and keep up with symptoms. A helpful guide for any Doctor Mom. Cost: $1.99
  2. Differential Diagnosis: This consumer friendly app can help you figure out what condition you are dealing with as you answer questions. Cost: Free
  3. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis: Look through clinical cases and learn more about diagnosing conditions. Cost: Free
  4. iTriage: A great symptom tracker, perfect for Doctor Mom. Cost: Free
  5. Symptom Checker: Use this app to check family member symptoms. Cost: Free
  6. Period and Ovulation Tracker: Interested in your own symptoms? You can keep track of period and ovulation with help from this app. Cost: Free
  7. Blood Pressure Tracker: If you are concerned about the blood pressure in your family, you might consider this app to monitor symptoms. Cost: $19.99
  8. Diagnostic Imaging: Are you interested in knowing what you’re looking at when your child is having an x-ray? This app can help. Cost: $2.99

Drugs and Medications

It can be helpful to have a knowledge of some drugs and medications. Get an idea of what different medicines can do, as well as learn more about dosing and other instructions. You can also learn more about herbal remedies and over the counter medications with the help of some of these Android apps.

  1. Mini Nurse Lite: Meant for RNs, this awesome Android app can provide you information about prescriptions, dosing information and more. Cost: Free
  2. Epocrates Rx: This is one of the most well-known apps related to medications. Get info right at your fingers, including prescription and over the counter drugs. Cost: Free
  3. Insulin Dose Calculator: If someone in your family is diabetic, this app is a great resource. Cost: Free
  4. AgileMedCalc: Another great tool for dosing, this medical calculator can be quite helpful for Doctor Mom. Cost: Free
  5. Mediquations: Another tool meant for professionals, this dosing calculator can be a real help. Cost: $4.99
  6. Drug Interaction Checker: A great tool if you are unsure of which drugs can be taken together. An excellent app if you are worried about mixing medications. Cost: Free
  7. Nursing Pharmacology: Get this drug app used by nurses. Cost: $2.99
  8. Natural Remedies: This great app helps you find more natural options. Cost: $1.25
  9. Herbal Remedies: Find out how you can find natural cures. Cost: $2.99
  10. Medicinal Herbs: Get an idea of which herbs are best, and what they do. Cost: Free

Health and Fitness

Part of your job as Doctor Mom is to do your best to keep yourself and the members of your family healthy. Good health can ward of disease and make downtime last for a shorter period of time. You can use the following Android apps to encourage healthier behaviors in yourself and in your family. After all, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

  1. Fast Food Calorie Counter: Get an idea of how you are eating when you go out for for fast food. Cost: $2.99
  2. Calorie Counter by FatSecret: A general calorie counter to help you find healthier meals. Cost: Free
  3. Workout Coach: Get helpful hints on exercise. Great for the whole family. Cost: Free
  4. Absolute Fitness: Helpful hints on diet and exercise. Cost: $4.99
  5. Backpacker GPS Trails: If your family is into hiking and active health, this is a great app. Cost: $9.99
  6. 5 a Day – Healthy Eating: A helpful Android app that provides you with recipes for each meal of the day. These are healthy recipes that can provide you with a meal plan for better living. Cost: $1.00
  7. Go Get Healthy Now: Learn more about fitness for the whole family with news, articles and information. Cost: Free
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