Top 50 Blogs for Job Seekers in the Healthcare Field

If you are looking for a job in the healthcare field, you are in luck. People who are qualified in health care are in high demand right now, for a number of different career choices. You don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to find a satisfying career in healthcare. In fact, there are a number of positions open, from x-ray technician to medical assistant to public health available. The healthcare field is a wide one, open to a number of skills and a variety of career opportunities. Here are 50 top blogs for job seekers in the healthcare field:

Healthcare Job Search

800px-Dental_hygienist_at_workThese blogs can help you find a job in healthcare, and understand what is available. Figure out what you need to do in order to find success as a healthcare worker.

  1. Health Careers Blog: This blog from offers information on a number of healthcare jobs, and what you need to do in order to qualify.
  2. Healthcare Career Blog: Learn about different aspects of working in healthcare, and different tools for helping you find a job.
  3. Health Care Scouts: Tools and tips for finding a healthcare career. Includes information on conferences and management as well.
  4. Non-Clinical Medical Jobs, Careers and Opportunities: Learn about what is available in healthcare for those who are not interested in clinical work.
  5. Healthcare Executive Careers Blog: Learn about becoming a healthcare executive, working your way to the top in the health field.
  6. BioJobBlog: While the emphasis is on pharma careers, this blog also features helpful information on advancing your career in other areas of healthcare.

Public Health

Public health provides interesting opportunities to be involved in healthcare, without necessarily being involved with clinical programs. Here are some blogs that can help you learn more about a career in public health.

  1. why public health?: Folks in Yale’s public health program have put together an unofficial blog discussing issues in public health, as well as insights into policy, and encouragement as you work toward a degree.
  2. BYU Public Health: Learn about public health career opportunities and what you need for a degree from this blog set up by BYU’s public health program.
  3. Dr. Buttery’s Public Health BLOG: Explore public health issues and learn more about what it takes to be successful in the field.
  4. Public Health Matters: Learn all about public health and its issues from the Centers for Disease Control.
  5. In Case of Emergency: A blog on public health issues, providing insight on how things are handled.


Learn about what it’s like to be a doctor, and get insight into what they have to deal with every day.

  1. Physician Careers Blog: Learn about different careers available to different kinds of doctors.
  2. Notes on a Physician’s Life: This blog looks at different aspects of being a doctor, written by a physician and career consultant.
  3. The Entrepreneurial MD: Learn how you can be a doctor and an entrepreneur at the same time, advancing your career potential.
  4. MD Salaries: An interesting look at how much different types of doctors can make in the United States and in the rest of the world.
  5. Physician Jobs and Healthcare Careers: Learn more about becoming a doctor, as well as other jobs in healthcare. Includes jobs open to physicians.


One of the jobs in highest demand is nursing. Here are some blogs that can help you with your nursing career.

  1. Nursing Career Blog: Just what it sounds life, this blog is about different nursing jobs and career opportunities.
  2. Nursing Jobs Blog: Learn about different nursing jobs available, and a number of tips for enhancing your career.
  3. St. Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst – Male Nurses: An Australian perspective on what’s it like to have a career as a “murse”.
  4. Travel Registered Nurse: Learn how you can enjoy a career as a travel nurse.
  5. Nurse Healers: Learn about what nurses do as part of the healing process, and how you can become a better nurse.

Medical Assistants

If you want to help people, but aren’t sure about becoming a doctor, you can become a medical assistant, helping doctors and nurses, and doing good for your patients.

  1. Medical Assistant Net Career Blog: Get helpful pointers on how you can enhance your career in medical assisting.
  2. Medical Assistant Jobs: Learn about different job openings for medical assistants around the world.
  3. The American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistant’s Blog: Learn about life as a medical assistant in the healthcare field of podiatry, including job openings.
  4. American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s MySpace Blog: Get information on becoming a dental hygienist and assisting in that way.

Radiology and Lab Technicians

You can do some good in healthcare as an x-ray technician or working in some other radiology related and laboratory health professions.

  1. The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast: Learn about different aspects of nuclear medicine and radiology.
  2. Radiology 2.0: A blog about issues in radiology, as well as career tips and information.
  3. scan man’s notes: Learn about notes on radiology from a radiology professional.
  4. Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals: A blog and portal aimed at helping those who serve as lab techs.
  5. Medical Laboratory Technician Career Training: Learn about different jobs associated with being a lab tech or radiologist.


This interesting healthcare career can allow you the chance to help people sort through their problems.

  1. American Psychiatric Association: Get news about a job in psychiatry, straight from the source.
  2. Shrink Rap: Interesting look at different aspects of a career in psychiatry.
  3. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog: A look at healthcare education, with a special emphasis on psychiatry.
  4. The Last Psychiatrist: Insights about issues facing psychiatry today.
  5. The Amazing World of Psychiatry: A peek into what goes on inside the human mind, and what is happening in the career field of psychiatry.

Dentists and Orthodontists

You can do quite well in healthcare as a dentist or an orthodontist.

  1. The Dental Implant Blog: Learn about things going on in the world of dentistry — and how you can improve your own dental practice.
  2. The Tooth Booth Dental Blog: Insights into a career in dentistry.
  3. Dental Technology Blog: Helpful gadgets and gizmos that can help you take your dental practice up a notch.
  4. Ask Dr. Straight: This orthodontist blog answers questions about the practice, and can help you enhance your career.
  5. Braces in L.A.: Learn about orthodontics from professionals. Provides insight on jobs and pricing.

Medical Coding, Transcription and Billing

You don’t have to be int there getting your hands dirty to be in the healthcare field. Administrative type positions in coding, transcription and billing can be good fits for many people.

  1. Your Medical Coding Career: Learn about what it takes to become a medical coder.
  2. Medical Coding and Billing Blogspot: Learn about different issues you’ll run into as a coder and biller, and how to overcome them.
  3. Medical Transcription Blog: A career in medical transcription, including tips and helpful insights.
  4. Medical Billing Software Blog: The ins and outs of medical billing, and the different types of software used.
  5. Medical Transcription Blog: Learn about medical transcription, including opportunities to advance your career while working from home.

Medical Sales

Be involved in healthcare by selling essential equipment to doctors and hospitals and others who may need it.

  1. Medical Sales Recruiter: Get tips and helpful information related to being in medical sales.
  2. Medical Sales Job Blog: Learn about jobs available in medical sales, and how to get them.
  3. Specialty Medical Sales Blog: Keep up to date on the latest information on medical sales.
  4. Medical Sales Talk: Insights and news on the latest in medical sales.
  5. Cafe Pharma: Learn about pharmaceutical sales and how to improve your career in that area.
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