50 Free YouTube Videos to Improve Your Physical Health

Many people find it helpful to use videos as a way to help them improve their physical health. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to find plenty of free videos that can help you take the steps necessary to become a healthier person. Whether you are interested in aerobics, strength training, mind and body exercises, or learning more about nutrition, there are many free videos to fit your needs. These 50 free YouTube videos are excellent tools to help you start improving your overall health and fitness.



Aerobic exercise is vital if you want to burn calories and fat. Aerobics can also help you strengthen your heart. These videos can help you learn aerobic exercises and follow along to help you improve your health.

  1. Doing Warm Up Aerobic Exercises: Properly warming up so that you are properly warmed up for safer aerobic exercises.
  2. How To Do Aerobics Exercises: How to Do Lunges for Aerobic Exercises: This is a great way to learn more about how to properly to do lunges properly.
  3. 10 Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout: Great cardio aerobics to help you really get things moving.
  4. Aerobic – 8 Minute Abs: This video gives a look at how you can get a good aerobic ab workout to help you can help your abs.
  5. Step Aerobics Made Easy: Learn the basics of step aerobics for a dynamic and effective workout.
  6. Smart Bounce Beyond Basics Rebound Aerobic Workout: If you are into using bounce and small trampolines, this video can help you improve your health in a fun way.
  7. Gospel Aerobics: Do some aerobics to gospel music, and improve your spirit as well as your physical condition.
  8. Power Aerobic Workout with Lorraine Kelly: This is a great power aerobic workout aimed at helping you increase the efficiency of your calorie burning.
  9. Aerobic Dance Workout by Patrick Goudeau: Make working out a little more fun with a dance workout.
  10. Exercise Tips for Pole Dancing: Learn about some tips to make your pole dancing more effective and comfortable. Look to the right for more great tips and exercises for pole dancing for fitness.
  11. Do the Hip Hop Hustle: A fun aerobic move you can do to hip hop music. Learn the dance moves and then listen to the hip hop music of your choice for exercise.
  12. Lower body DB workout at home – circuit style: A circuit style aerobic workout that can help you burn fat.
  13. Exercise is Medicine – Home Gym – Aerobic Exercise: A helpful video that can help you figure out how to make a home aerobic gym on a shoestring.
  14. Aerobic Exercise – Home Exercise: A personal trainer offers you some easy to do exercises at home — no equipment needed.
  15. 4-Minute Rapid Fat Loss Cardio Intervals at Home – Tabatas Workout: A quick 4-minute cardio workout at home to help you lose weight.

Strength Training

You want to be able to properly hold your body up. Strength training is an important part of being fit. So here are some videos that can help you with you tone your muscles.

  1. Strength Training at Home: A basic look at some things you can do to tone your muscles at home.
  2. Real Man Dumbbell Workout for Strength: Using dumbbells for strength training.
  3. Strength Training Part 1: Learn some basic strength training and toning exercises that can help you condition your core.
  4. No Gym, No Problem! Military Core Body Fitness: Strengthen your core with the help of these toning exercises.
  5. Extreme Strength: Training exercises you can do to stay fit and toned.
  6. Kickboxing Technique: Hook: Learn how to do a hook punch. Other kickboxing videos from this same source can help you tone your muscles while burning fat.
  7. Side Plank Exercise for Core Muscle Toning & Strength: This move can help you learn how to tone your core and strengthen those muscles with the plank.
  8. How to Define Your Upper Arms: Some helpful exercises you can do to help define your upper arms.
  9. Build Muscle Tone: Helpful tips for building better muscle tone.
  10. Strength Training and Weight Exercises for Fitness: Helpful exercises you can do to improve your muscle tone and general overall fitness.
  11. Dumbbell Row Exercises: Learn how to tone using the dumbbell row exercise.
  12. How to Increase Muscle Tone in 10 Minutes a Day: You can work your muscle groups and improve your tone with only 10 minutes a day.
  13. How to Tone Up in a Week: You can improve your muscle tone with only a week with help from this basic fitness video.
  14. Stretch and Tone Your Body Workout 1: Learn some basic toning and stretch exercises to get a sexier body. There are additional videos (look to the right) that can help you with additional exercises.
  15. Weight Lifting/Training Exercises to Tone Arms, Workout Biceps, Triceps, Chest & Shoulder Muscles: Tone your upper body with help from a few dumbbells at home.
  16. Lower Body Toning/Cardio Routine: This video can help you tone your lower body. Includes cardio to help you burn fat.

Mind/Body Fitness

Part of good physical health can include exercises designed to help you increase your mindfulness. You can improve overall physical fitness with these different types of exercises.

  1. Denise Austin Yoga Workout: This 10 minute workout can help you use yoga to increase your health.
  2. Power Yoga Total Body Workout: This four minute workout will show you how you can build graceful strength using power yoga moves. Tips for better yoga practice
  3. Yoga Routine for Lower Back Pain: You can ease lower back pain with these yoga exercises.
  4. Prenatal Yoga Flow Pregnancy Fitness: Learn some yoga exercises that are appropriate for pregnant women.
  5. How to Do Tai Chi Forms & Exercises: Basic Tai Chi Stance: You can improve your health and wellness with tai chi. This video helps you learn a basic stance. Additional videos from this user can help you learn how more tai chi moves.
  6. Scott Coles Discover Tai Chi: Weight Loss Workout: A mind/body workout for weight loss.
  7. 10 minute solution slim and sculpt pilates: Learn some basic pilates moves you can do at home to improve your health and your mindfulness and awareness of your body.
  8. Beginner Pilates Workout: Easing into a basic pilates workout.
  9. Sexy Pilates Workout Side Leg Series: Become more comfortable with your body with these sexy leg exercises.

Food and Nutrition

An essential part of physical health is diet and nutrition. These YouTube videos will help you learn more about proper food intake.

  1. 7 Nutrition Fundamentals for Losing Fat: Learn the basics to follow if you want to lose fat.
  2. Top 10 Worst Foods: Avoid these foods at all costs.
  3. Reading Nutritional Labels: Learn how to properly read nutrition labels so that you understand how you are eating.
  4. Eat Healthy Food on a Budget Tips: Learn how you can eat healthy, even if you are on a budget.
  5. Nutrition Advice: Top Antioxidant Foods: Great foods you can eat for their antioxidant content.
  6. Darin Steen’s Fatloss LifeStyle Nutrition Do’s & Don’ts for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain: Get rid of fat and build muscle with a little help from these nutrition tips.
  7. Healthy Diet Tips: Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss: Stay away from these foods if you want to lose weight.
  8. Diet Tips: Eat Breakfast & Lose Weight: Don’t skip breakfast. Lose weight the healthy way with a good
  9. Eating Organic Food on a Budget: You can eat organic food — even if you are on a budget.
  10. Healthy Weight Loss Tips: If you want to lose weight, do it in a healthy manner.
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