5 Medical Jobs Which Need Less Than 1 Year’s Education

  1. Medical Billing Specialist

    This course takes as little as half a year to complete. In the course one learns to define various medical terms. The medical billing specialist also establishes common abbreviations and used symbols in the medical profession. The trainee has to know about health insurance service and terms. During learning the student must also learn about (CPT) better known as current procedural terminology. These are the words and terms commonly used in the medical profession. The medical billing specialist also is taught how to develop and manage effectively an insurance claim. Finally he or she is taught the difference in medical profession.

  2. A Physical Therapist Assistant

    The medical assistant’s work is to assist the physical therapist. Other duties that may be assigned to the medical therapist assistant is paperwork dealing with the patients. This may be information regarding the patients’ personal information and medical history. The physical therapist is also delegated the task of transporting the patients during and after therapy sessions. He also is supposed to look after the patient and report changes in medical condition to the therapist. He or she can also perform simple treatments as advised by his superior. It’s a very rewarding career and in the US a physical therapist can earn $35,000 annually.

  3. Medical Office Receptionist

    Individuals are trained to provide optimum service to customers. They are trained on how to receive and handle visitors in the health facility under the supervision of professional receptionist. The medical receptionist must learn how to handle an in house patient and discharge one. He or she must learn basic principles in the health care industry and learn to work in a medical office. The trainee is taught how to keep proper records and maintain acceptable interpersonal skills. The receptionist is also in charge of the telephone. Every medical facility/office varies a lot; in that respect the medical receptionist must learn the particular policies of the organization he or she is working for. The medical receptionist course takes less than 1 year to complete.

  4. Certified Nursing Assistant

    The certified nursing assistant is credited with helping the nurses in the health facility. This position requires one to be a great communicator. He or she is supposed to explain the task to be carried to the patient. Most patients and their families have a lot of questions regarding their ailments. The certified nursing assistant must explain the procedures thoroughly to both the patient and family and erase any doubts that they may have regarding the medical procedures. The certified nursing assistant must be of great patience. This is because he will have the job of assisting the patient during recovery which can be quite tasking.

  5. Resident Assistant

    This job is mostly in old people homes. The job involves the ability to communicate effectively with the patients. Older patients may experience a communication problem and one is entitled to determine what they are saying and whatever they require. This job also requires one to have a basic knowledge of medical terms. The job also involves a lot of physical ability as one will sometimes be required to wheel patients and lift them on the bed. The job requires less than one year of education.

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